Working With a Shaman

Shamans work with energies and ancestors to restore personal power
Shamans heal physical difficulties through connecting with Spirit
Shamans work with the power of the person's higher self
Shamans help people connect to their Spirit Guides
Shamans resolve energetic imbalances
Shamans provide holistic coaching and counseling

Personalized Healing Services

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Sessions are personalized experiences to guide, reset, and heal you through the use of energies, Spirit Guides, plant and animal spirits, and the ancestors. 
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A Divination is a blessing from your ancestors that opens new doors for healing. It leads to opening the center of your life, your heart, and rediscovering your innate passion and joy.
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Pet Healing

Pet Healing provides natural healing to your pet and brings your pet back into wholeness with balance and harmony through use of spirit medicine and connecting into nature.
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Immersive Retreat Experiences

Personal Retreats

Say yes to your healing with a four-day Personal Retreat.  Connect with nature in a stunning setting that supports, encourages, and calms you. Co-create awareness, transformation, and vision with the undying support of Shaman Teague and her supporting practitioners.
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Vision Quests

A seven-day Vision Quest is a sacred and powerful way to get the answers you’re seeking through traditional Native American ritual. In the indigenous traditions, the number seven is a spiritual number representing “God Time.” Create "God Time" for yourself and connect on a deeper level.
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  • "I struggle putting words to the experience I had while working with Teague at an intensive retreat at her Ranch. I’ve done work with healers before, but this truly uncaged the deep mental and physical emotions I attached to, whether it be from this lifetime or ancestral lineage. It is not your typical, script written healing experience, but individualized for me, so I can release whatever is hold me back and bloom into a more powerful version of myself. I’m not gonna lie, it was tough work, but the benefits are indescribable. I felt lighter and that my body could breath easier because weight had been lifted. The techniques are like nothing I’ve experienced, but I decided to trust the process, and in this amazing healer, which led me to a healing I didn’t think was possible. Just take the leap, trust this process and person. You won’t be disappointed!"


  • "Teague's true healing power is virtually indescribable. It is one of those rare and incredible things in life that can only be experienced. It's impossible not to just drop in and trust her from the moment you meet her. When I first started working with Teague, I was struggling to find clarity, peace, and patience, which were all desperately needed in my life. Teague "got me" right away and zeroed in on where I needed to focus. She restored my faith in my own spiritual capabilities and gently pulled me back to contemplation, journey work, relaxation, and the healing power of sound. I am a lifelong student and forever grateful to know her!"


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