Psychic Reading/Medianship

A Divination with Shaman Teague is a blessing from the person’s ancestors. The session opens new doors for healing, which leads to opening the center of one’s life - living from heart with innate passion and joy.

A divination session includes sitting in the present moment and calling in a gathering of guides, guardians, and ancestors to provide information and direction as to the path or challenge a person is facing. Shaman Teague helps to find the best questions to ask that would help to give you the best guidance.

Teague explains her visions beautifully, in terms you understand, so you can "see" your unique journey with more ease and grace. Her energy is grounded in fire and delivered through the element of water - compassionate, non-judgmental, and centered in Mother Earth's nurturing.

The divinations are not predictive, meaning that questions can be asked and possibilities can be determined, but because a person shifts and changes each moment, outcomes change as well. Shaman Teague does not specialize in prediction, as she honors that each person is their own greatest source for healing.

Benefits of Divinations

Receive a "motion picture" of your journey to understand why you operate the way you do.
Shift perspective when it comes to listening to and refining one’s own intuition.
Receive direction, inspiration, and empowerment from your ancestors.
Receive greater clarity about your gifts, talents, and purpose in this world.
Receive answers to your questions about life, loved ones that have passed, or guides and guardians.
Learn new ways of understanding and facing our challenges through messages and possibilities.


90-Minute Divination Session

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