Traditional Shamanic Healing

When we tune into the world around us, we notice that it is communicating with us all of the time in many different ways.

When we drop into silence, connect with the earth and our ancestors, and open our hearts to receive, the answers always come. They may take different forms, such as a symbol, an animal, a feeling, or an auditory message. The more we listen, sense, and feel, the more we understand.

Shamans work in direct relationship with inner guidance and resonance with nature to perform healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Shamans believe that all illness starts in a person's spirit or energy body and that this illness is a loss of balance and harmony.

Traditional Shamanic Healing work can heal conditions that have already appeared, and prevent future conditions from appearing.

Sessions are tailored to each individual's needs and may include soul retrieval, extraction, cord cutting, energy tuning and alignment, healing of physical ailments, plant spirit medicine, and spiritual guidance.

How to Prepare for Your Session

Be Open & Receptive

Step into the unknown and have faith in Spirit.

Drink Lots of Water

Better receive messages and wash away blocks.

Eat Nourishing Foods

Prepare your body for transformation.

Spend Time in Nature

Connect with Mother Earth feel your heartbeat.

Pricing for Adults

In-Person Session

90 to 120 minutes customized Healing Session Facilitated at Various Locations

First Online Session

60-Minute Healing Session via Video Conference for New Clients

Followup Online Session

60-Minute Healing Session via Video Conference for Existing Clients

Retreat + Session Package

Personal Healing Retreat Plus Three 60-Minute Virtual Healing Sessions

Pricing for Kids

Kids Session (12 and under)

45-Minute Session Tailored for Kids Under 10 Facilitated Either In-Person or via Video Conference 

Kids Session (13-17)

60-Minute Session Tailored for Kids Age 10 to 17 Facilitated Either In-Person or via Video Conference
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